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The three man league: 
Will follow the same rules as 6 man! Start and finish time aswell as the 16 shoots!
Scoring rules:
Every shoot will count!
The club will add each team up for a total amount of bird shot.

Prizes will be:
1 Top Gun for the whole summer league including three men.
2 there will be a best team 4 Summer League three man and six man.
3 there will be a Top Gun for each team that includes three man and six man teams.

 League Results

6 man trap League:
The summer trap League starts May 7th and runs through August 27. You must shoot your 16 shoots within the 14 weeks. All shoots are from the 16-yard line. Each team is allowed up to six people on it.
Scoring rules:
All six members of the team will have their weekly or bi-weekly scores wrote down on a sheet at the club! The lowest score on a each week will be tossed out for scoring purposes. Each team will only have the top 5 scorers each week count towards the end score!